campsite u dvou orechu, situated in, the Bohemian Forest, Czech Republic. .
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Železná Ruda and Mount Velký Ostrý

The area around Železná Ruda, in the North-West of the Šumava on the border of the Czech Republic and Germany, has been a protected nature reserve since the beginning of the 20th century. The most impressive sights of this area, which is characterised by fantastic nature, are the Černé and Čertové lakes. The closely located Mount Velký Ostrý is a beautiful natural attraction as well, which should not be missed by nature lovers and hiking fanatics. The largest natural lake of the Czech Republic, the Černé jezero lake, is situated a bit to the South of Mount Jezerni at an altitude of 1000 meters. The lake got its name (Black lake) because of the colour of the water; the black surface of the lake beautifully and mysteriously reflects the surrounding forest. The smaller Certové jezero lake (Devil's lake) is located at an higher altitude and a bit the South-West of the Black lake. An interesting fact is that whereas the Black lake drains its water to the North Sea, the water of the Devil's lake eventually ends in the Black Sea. The area around the 2 lakes is a popular hiking destination, where beautiful nature, peace and views can be perfectly enjoyed. In addition, wildlife is spotted regularly in this region, which makes a visit even more interesting.

Just outside the protected area of Železná Ruda, on the border with Germany, Mount Velký Ostrý can be found. This mountain reaches an altitude of 1293 meters and offers fantastic views over both countries and the surrounding natural areas of the Šumava and the Bavarian Forest. On a good, clear day it is even possible to spot the mighty Alps on the horizon. A restaurant can be found on the summit of the Velký Ostrý, which naturally has become a popular spot for hikers to rest and enjoy the incredible views. It is a lovely place to spend some time, and since the summit can only be reached by foot it is not too busy and rather peaceful. Another peak, the Malý Ostrý of 1266 meters, can be found a bit to the West of the summit. The little difference in altitude is hardly noticeable and from this peak hikers have great views across the area as well.


Holiday house 'De Jagerstee' is situated just half an hour driving from this beautiful natural area. The Železná Ruda and Mount Velký Ostrý offer both magnificent, unspoilt nature and a visit to these spots should definitely be part of a holiday in the Bohemian Forest.